Laurie began her dance career at the age of 4 when enrolled in
classes due to her shyness.  This was a time when dance mothers
were responsible for sewing recital costumes, ballet exams were
regularly taken in Detroit and Al Gilbert travelled to Windsor as an
examiner for tap and jazz exams.  Laurie began teaching dance at
the age of 16 in the disciplines of ballet, tap, jazz and Hawaiian.
She has always maintained that teaching dance was her favourite
and most rewarding occupation. As a teenager she was part of a
dance group, performing the Can-Can at Detroit area festivals and
while at university, she performed with the university dance group.  
Laurie has always been passionate about dance and has instilled
the love of dance in her daughter. Laurie has been dancing with
the “dance ladies” for more than 15yrs and has watched Cathy’s
studio take off after its initial launch.  What she finds most exciting
about the progression of dance through the years, is the variety of
opportunities and dance styles available to challenge young
dancers. She is excited to be back in the swing of things!