Hi my name is Lauren Dobson, and I have been asked this great opportunity, to
be a dance teacher.
I started dance when I was 3, and danced at Cathy’s for nine years, and it has
been amazing, I started demonstrating when I was 12, and I thought that was the
end of surprises, then I got asked to be a dance teacher.  I am proud to say that
I can call all the dancers at this studio my family. My first ever dance teacher was
miss Jen, and she taught me hiphop. I then grew on dance and started taking
jazz, tap, ballet, and lyrical.  Also this is my third year on the Competitive team,
and I have loved every minute of it. I love the feeling when you’re just about to
go on stage and perform, the bright lights on you as your dancing, and the best
is when your done and everyone is clapping for you.
Dance has been the only hobby/sport, I have really been interested in, and I
have never ever lost hope. I feel that not only can the dancers learn things from
me, but also I can learn stuff from them. I can’t wait to start teaching you children in this dance year.