My name is Kiley Moltrassie and I am very happy to be a dance teacher at
Cathy’s Dance Studio. Teaching here has been an amazing experience for
me and I absolutely love it! I began dancing at a very young age and it has
always been a passion of mine.
Before I began dancing at Cathy’s Dance Studio, I took ballet classes, jazz
classes, took dance camps, and I did Irish dancing.  I started dancing at
Cathy’s Dance Studio in 2010 and I have been here ever since. My first
dance class at Cathy’s Dance Studio was a hip-hop class and it was so much
fun! From then on, I knew that this studio was where I wanted to be. Now I
take ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, lyrical, and contemporary classes.
In 2014, I was on the competitive team and I became a demonstrator. Both
really helped me improve my technique as well as my knowledge of dance. I
demonstrated for three years and in 2016, I applied to become a teacher.
When I was young and even now I’ve always looked up to all of my dance
teachers and I am so glad that I am lucky enough to be a dance teacher
myself. This will be my second year teaching and I am so thankful that I am able to teach and share my passion
of dance with my students.