My name is Jessica Hislop. I have been given the amazing chance to become
apart of the amazing staff at Cathy's Dance Studio. This has meant the world to
me. I am ecstatic to be able to share my love of dancing with your children and
become an inspiration and a role model to them.
I have been dancing since I was three years old, and I have grown up in the
studio. Being apart of the big, happy family at the studio has made dancing even
more worthwhile for me. Experiencing the students grow and expand their
dancing career has given me the passion to contribute my love for dancing and
help them grow as well.
My first dance class was a tap class. Even from the beginning, I knew that dance
would carry on in my life for many years and be a passion of mine. As it turns
out, I am now fifteen and carrying through my passion of dancing with your
children and experiencing more and more each day as I grow as a dancer and a
person. I am currently taking tap, jazz, hip-hop, ballet, point, lyrical, and
contemporary. Also, I am apart of the Competitive Team at Cathy's Dance Studio. I have been on the team
since the beginning. For the six years I have been on the team, we have accomplished so much. I am
exceedingly proud to say that I have been on the team since the beginning. As a team, we have grown as a
family and went on to win many outstanding awards. As an individual, I have won many special awards and a
couple scholarships. Also, in my group dances we have done very well, along with my solos, and duos. I have
been fortunate enough to have been awarded 1st Place in the Ultimate Shine Dance Showdown with my team
in July of 2012. Having been given this award has taught me how much dance can be apart of peoples lives
and also how great I felt about myself for being awarded with this award.
If I did not have dance in my life, I would not know what life is and I would not be living life to its full potential. I
am currently apart of the WCCA Dance Program at Walkerville Collegiate Institute as a Grade 10 student to
help me grow as a dancer. I can not wait to share my love of dance with my students and help them become
the dancer they have always wished to be. Lastly, I can not thank Cathy enough in letting me attain my dream.