Hi, my name is Gabrielle Dufresne, I am currently studying at the University of
Windsor. I began dancing at the age of thirteen. Since then, I’ve learned many
styles of dance such as; ballet, jazz, hip hop, and tap, all of which I am currently
taking at Cathy’s Dance Studio. I fell in love with dancing instantly and I knew that
it was going to become much more than just a hobby. Dance is my escape and
going to dance is always a bright spot in my week! Through dance, I have met
extraordinary people; I’ve grown as an individual, but also as a dancer. At Cathy’s
Dance Studio, there’s a unique atmosphere, one of family, I feel at home when I’m
there. It was an honour being asked to be apart of the teaching staff at the studio!
Seeing your children grow, not only as dancers, but also as individuals is heart
warming. I enjoy seeing them getting excited because they finally got a step that
they were struggling with. I hope to impact them as much as the amazing people at this studio impacted
me! I hope to have a great dancing year and make Cathy proud!