plan to continue to teach for many years to come!
Currently, I am a grade 11 student at Holy Names Highschool and this year I plan to focus on my studies, and
dancing, and have an exciting year!  
My name is Ashley and I love teaching at Cathy's!
Dancing has always been a big part of my life.  I started dancing when I was only 3
and immediately fell in love with it!  It is now more than a hobby, it is a piece of me
that will always be there no matter what.  When I dance, I feel that I can conquer
anything, and be whatever I want to be, and that is a feeling that everyone should
have the opportunity to experience and if I can help your children experience that
through their dancing, it would be a dream come true!  At Cathy's, I demonstrated
for a few years before becoming an instructor.  I have always interacted with kids,
by babysitting my younger cousins and sister, and helping at my grade school.  
This is my third year teaching, and it has changed me to become a better and
more mature dancer and person.  Teaching at Cathy's is an incredible opportunity
and I am very lucky and thankful to be chosen as an instructor. love teaching, and